AIH Membership and Certification Database Manager

Membership Services

  • Customer service support and help to AIH members and key stakeholders by answering phones, emails and managing all AIH inquiries.
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director, develop and execute an overall marketing plan for membership recruitment and retention; evaluate for effectiveness.
  • Manage and execute monthly webinars (Zoom), including PowerPoint slides and post-webinar communications.
  • Coordinate AIH Board member attendance at occasional partner conferences
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director, support AIH training and non-conference meetings such as pre-meeting logistics, annual awards preparation, booth materials coordination, and other duties as assigned.
  • Provide governance support for the Board of Directors and Committee meetings, including assembling the final agenda, Zoom support, meeting minutes, calendar and Doodle scheduling, board roster, and annual calendar.
  • Staff liaison to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, Webinar Committee, Communications Committee, and Board of Registration.
  • Assist AIH Technical Committees with meeting logistics (Zoom) and SharePoint folders
  • Manage the member life cycle of AIH Certification, Recertification, and recruitment toward certification.
  • Administer multiple choice online exams several times a year for certification, using questions prepared by the Board of Registration.
  • Email membership renewal notices and mail notices annually.
  • Coordinate with Website and Marketing Consultant to publish announcements for awards, calls for nominations, social media, and various AIH announcements.

Certification Database Management

  • Manage all aspects of the Association Management Software, including Certemy and AIH website.
  • Update records and maintain data quality; maintain membership reports (IQAs) and statistics for reporting.
  • Process all payments, including membership renewals, membership recertifications, and Board member expenses.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports for the Board of Directors, CEO, Marketing Consultant, and CFO Services/auditors.

Requirements – The first three points are required

  • Bachelor’s degree – Required
  • Membership Management and Certification Experience – Required
  • Association Management Software Experience – Preferred
  • Certemy Database Preferred
  • Team player


  • Virtual position
  • 100% employer-paid health insurance upon start
  • 401K match after two year of service
  • 10 vacation days, accrual of sick days, 11 paid holidays, and paid time off between Christmas and New Years Eve
  • 2 paid time off days for volunteer work of your choice
  • Flexible holiday exchange program

Please send a short cover letter and resume to with the subject line: AIH Membership and Website Manager/Director

AIH Examinations – Get Involved

AIH is seeking assistance with examination processes. You can review the scopes for these projects below.


Scope of Work to Review AIH Examination Questions

More Information


The American Institute of Hydrology (AIH) is proposing to hire two or three qualified hydrologists to review a compiled database of exam questions for the AIH certification examinations for professional hydrologists in the disciplines of Water Quality, Surface Water and Groundwater exams and hydrologic technician exam.


Currently the board of the examination committee (BOE) maintain four sets of examination database by disciplines with a total of approximately 1,100 questions:

  • Professional Hydrologist – Groundwater (300 questions)
  • Professional Hydrologist – Surface Water (300 questions)
  • Professional Hydrologist – Water Quality (300 questions)
  • Hydrologic Technician (200 questions)

Most of these questions were newly developed by eight hydrologists in 2022. Each question was developed with four multiple-choice answers, where only one is supposed to be correct. However, in order to finalize the exam questions used for the AIH certification examinations, these exam questions need to be reviewed . Here is proposed scope of work for the review:

1- Review the appropriateness of each exam question. Each exam question has four multiple choice answers, one of which is supposed to be the correct one. The reviewer needs to confirm the appropriateness of each questions and answer. If the exam is not appropriate or out of date, these questions need to be removed from the database.
2- Rate the difficulty of each question. Exam questions were rated with three levels of difficulty. These difficulty levels need to be checked and make sure they are correctly rated. If they are not appropriately rated, the reviewer need to correct the level of difficulty.
3- Divide the examination questions under sub-categories. Each question was categorized as one or multiple categories. The review need to check if they are appropriately categorized, otherwise need to be corrected.



Updated database for Water Quality, Surface Water and Groundwater exams and Hydrologic Technician examination questions. Each database needs to include
1- A column note and indicate if the question is valid.
2- A column with update level of difficulty
3- A column with update sub-category
4- A column with any changes made to each question.


Each reviewer will be paid $1000 for one set of examination database (SW, GW, WQ, HT) described above. Total budget for the examination question review is $4000.00.


The deadline to respond to this task is August 15, 2023, and finish this task is October 15, 2023.

Scope of Work to Develop a User-Friendly AIH Examination Tool

More Information


The American Institute of Hydrology (AIH) is proposing to hire an expert to develop a user-friendly examination tool to automatically create required exam questions in the disciplines of Water Quality, Surface Water and Groundwater exams and hydrologic technician exam from current exam question database.


Currently the board of the examination committee (BOE) maintain four sets of examination database by disciplines with a total of approximately 1,100 questions:

    • Professional Hydrologist – Groundwater (300 questions)

    • Professional Hydrologist – Surface Water (300 questions)

    • Professional Hydrologist – Water Quality (300 questions)

    • Hydrologic Technician (200 questions)

All of exam questions are multiple choices and currently stored in different sheets in MS Excel files. Each exam database includes three level of difficulties and several categories listed below.

No Category
Surface Water (SW)
1 Watershed and Hydrologic Cycle
2 Precipitation
3 Losses and runoff
4 Hydraulics/Flow/Routing/Storage
5 Prediction/Modeling/Design
6 Peripheral Topics: Climate change and economics, stream restoration, etc.
Groundwater (GW)
1 Water budget
2 Site exploration/aquifer properties
3 Groundwater Flow and model simulation
4 Groundwater quality and solute transport
5 Well Hydraulics, well development, testing, maintenance
6 Groundwater recharge, vadose zone, infiltration, MAR, SW/GW interaction
7 Groundwater management, laws, regulations, well head protection, subsidence
8 Peripheral Topics: climate change, economics, water supply, social
Water Quality (WQ)
1 Wastewater
2 Environmental
3 Monitoring and Measuring
4 Limnology
5 Aquatic chemistry
6 Microbiology
7 Soils and sediment
8 Source pollution and control/treatment
9 Pollutant fate and transport
10 Peripheral Topics
Hydrologic Technician (HT)
1 Data Collection and measurement
2 Information/dissemination/outreach
3 Analysis/records
4 Methods and Instrumentation
5 Database management
6 Gage and other monitoring system
7 Quality assurance/control (QA/QC)
8 Knowledge (hydrologic system)
9 Peripheral Topics

AIH manages following five (5) examinations:

    • Professional Examination in Surface Water

    • Professional Examination in Groundwater

    • Professional Examination in Water Quality

    • Hydrologic In Training (Fundamental)

    • Hydrologic Technician

The AIH examination tool is expected to have following features:


    1. A dropdown menu to select what AIH examination questions (SW, GW, WQ, HIT, HT) are created.

    1. Specify percentage questions from each category and level of difficulty under SW, GW, WQ, HT examination database.

    1. Automatically create an AIH exam with 100 questions with correct answers, and

    1. Export an exam into a csv format file.


A completed and fully tested software package and a user manual (MS word file) documenting how to use the tool.


Total budget for the examination tool development and update is $4000.0. $3,000 is used for the tool development and $1,000 will be used for bug fixes and future updates.


The deadline to respond to this task is August 15, 2023, and finish this task is October 15, 2023.

Congratulations to our 2023 AIH Award Winners!

Founder’s Award:

Dr. John Nieber – P.H., P.E., Ph.D

Professor at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering

Charles V. Theis Award for Groundwater:

Dr. Ken Howard – PHG, PGeo, FGC, CGeol FGS, PhD.

Professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

Ray K. Linsley Award for Surface Water:

Dr. Jeff McDonnell – P.H., FRSC, Ph.D.

Professor at the University of Saskatchewan in the School of Environment and Sustainability, and Associate Director at the Global Institute for Water Security.

President-Elect Update – Spring 2023

Salam Murtada, President-Elect

I am honored to serve the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH) in my new role as President-Elect. What a rewarding journey it has been! I have learned so much in these last three years while serving as Treasurer (2020), Director of Institute Development (2021-2022), and now as President-Elect.

As a Professional Hydrologist since 2018, I am proud to be part of our AIH community. I carry that pride in my work at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. A science geek, I am especially interested in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to protect against flooding, promote better infrastructure designs that maintain natural systems stability, and evaluate best management practices in our watersheds.  

It is no secret that the challenges we face today are formidable. The work we do protects communities from flooding, addresses natural system degradation, navigates pollution and cleanup, and expertly manages our dwindling resources. We now have a moral obligation to confront these challenges. Because of this, I am committed to achieving our goals: establishing high standards and transparent procedures to certify hydrologists, maintaining ethical standards to protect our natural resources, and providing education, advice, and training to the public. We will continue to reach out to our professional community to certify hydrologists and welcome you to our organization. We are especially pleased to congratulate our newest member, Rewati Niraula, who successfully completed the certification requirements as a professional hydrologist in the area of surface water.

I am fortunate to collaborate with a wonderful Board of Directors – incredible people who work tirelessly to advance our mission despite having full-time jobs and family commitments. We recently welcomed Dr. Luciana Kindl Da Cunha as our new Director of Institute Development. Dr. Cunha presented an outstanding webinar in March, titled “The Next Generation Water Resources Modeling Framework: What it is, a Proof of Concept, and How to Get Involved.” As chair of the webinar committee, Dr. Cunha will be moderating our next webinar on May 25, featuring AIH co-founder Dr. Roman Kanivetsky, on “Water Resources Sustainability: Toward a New Paradigm.” Our team is actively working to streamline and improve our processes related to membership renewal, exams, recertification, and communication. We anticipate a fruitful year ahead as we collaborate with sister organizations and participate in conferences such as the upcoming SEDHYD conference in St. Louis, Mo and the Annual AWRA Conference in Raleigh, NC.

Your engagement propels the mission of our organization. Please consider contributing to the AIH Bulletin. We ask that you contact to submit an article for a future issue.  You can find additional information about article submissions in the email sent out on March 31 or on the AIH website.

Finally, please ensure that you maintain an active membership status. If you have not done so already, kindly renew through the following link:

As always, we look forward to your feedback and welcome your suggestions and ideas. We want AIH to be your professional home!

Congratulations to AIH Hard Studiers!

Congratulations to those who recently passed their examination offered by the American Institute of Hydrology!

  • Arielle Gervasi – Fundamentals Part 1
  • Kaitlyn Chow – Part 2 SW
  • Ryan Edglely – Part 2 SW
  • Andrew Daus – Part 2 SW
  • Ryan Gilliom – Part 2 SW
  • Beau Downing – Part 2 SW

AIH Call For Articles | Winter 2022 Edition

The next issue of the AIH Bulletin is scheduled to be published in the Winter of 2022, for which the editorial team invites contributions from members.

Original articles on any aspect of hydrology (e.g., administrative, technical, socioeconomic) will be considered for publication. It is not required that the article be based on academic or scientific work; however, it should not be published elsewhere. Book reviews may also be submitted under this category.

  • Please provide an unformatted word document of your story without embedded images. You can signify where you’d like a submitted image using brackets.
  • Images you wish to be included with your article must not be embedded in the Word document; send them separately and labeled with names corresponding to where you’d like them used in the Word document.
  • Articles must have a brief title and a byline.
  • Authors must have the full name, title and agency or association. 
  • Supply a high-resolution head-shot of the author.
  • Article length must be between 500 – 1000 words.
  • Please include an “About the Author” post script, to provide our audience with the context of your perspectives. Include how you would like your name and title to be presented.
  • Avoid using too many bulleted lists, diagrams or graphs in your article.

Beside original articles, members may also submit leads to items of interest to the hydrologists’ community. Such items may include news related to the field of hydrology, conferences, new publications, etc.

If you are interested in contributing, please send articles or other items of interest via the Dropbox link below by October 25, 2022. Please ensure submissions are identified properly (example: TitleofArticle-FirstLastName.doc) and that supporting graphics/images are of the highest possible quality and attached, not embedded in the word document. Be sure to include your contact information within your submission as well.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office at

President’s Message – Fall 2022

AIHPresident Jamil IbrahimThis is an overdue update to our AIH members and community about what your AIH leadership team has been up to this year. I am thrilled to announce completion of critical and timely updates to the governing documents for our organization – our AIH Articles of Incorporation (formerly, Constitution) and AIH Bylaws. We initiated the review and update process in 2016. Over the past six years, past and current AIH leadership team members devoted many, many hours to completing a comprehensive review and developing suggested revisions to these documents. This review and update provided a great opportunity to reflect on how we have operated and how we will function in the future. In the spirit of these changes, Leonardo Da Vinci once remarked (translated to English): “When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come.” It is extremely gratifying to see the results of our review/update process in our new governing documents, and I look forward to the next steps.

There are many other great updates to share:

·        Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee – Our DEI Committee developed and prioritized a list of initiatives and solicited feedback/input on implementation through a virtual meeting held in March of 2022. Please reach out to Julé Rizzardo (President-Elect) to join the DEI Committee and learn about these great initiatives.

·        Annual Meeting – Our leadership team held our (delayed) Annual Meeting virtually during March 2022. The meeting was supposed to be held during December 2021, to set our trajectory for 2022, but was delayed due to COVD concerns. In addition to specific tactics associated with strategies and goals that were identified by the Executive Director and members of our Board of Directors, we established three “working groups” to address: (1) Technical Journal/Conference Collaboration; (2) promotions, swag, and marketing; and (3) coordination with affiliate organizations. Contact myself or our management office to learn more and get involved. We are scheduled to get back on track and hold our Annual Meeting in December of 2022 (hopefully, in-person) and set plans for 2023.

·        AIH Webinars – Continued our AIH webinars with great presentations by AIH members Richard Koehler (PhD, PH) and Andrew Cohen( PhD, PH).

·        Engagement with Affiliate Organizations – Continued our engagement with other organizations through promoting PH certification for hydrologists and HT certification for hydrologic technicians at the 2022 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress (EWRI); Frontiers in Hydrology Meeting co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and CUAHSI (Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.); and 11th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (ISMAR).

·        AIH 2022 Awards – We Issued our distinguished AIH awards to our 2022 award winners: Bruce Wilson, PhD (Ray K. Linsley Award for Surface Water); Todd Halihan, PhD (Charles V. Theis Award for Groundwater); and Vijay P. Singh, PhD, PH (Robert G. Wetzel Award for Water Quality). Note, we will present these awards to our award winners this year at the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) 2022 Annual Conference during their Awards Luncheon on November 9, 2022, in Seattle, Washington.

·        Examination Questions Database Update – We have a plan in place and are about to embark on a comprehensive update to our database of examination questions for our AIH certification exams. Updates will be completed prior to our next round of examinations, scheduled for November 2022.

As I’ve stated in each of my messages previously, member participation is vital to AIH’s success. We are eager to engage more members in AIH activities. Please reach out to our Secretary/Membership Liaison, Jolyne Lea, at, to get involved.


Jamil S. Ibrahim PH, PMP, ENV SP
AIH President, 2021-2022

AIH Webinar – A Novel Approach To Quantify Streamflow Properties

A Novel Approach To Quantify Streamflow Properties


Presented is a novel approach using autocorrelation lag (k) plots and sequence summations to quantify the streamflow properties of magnitude, frequency, duration, timing and rate of change. The resulting products are a combination of visualizations and tables providing streamflow information across all flow levels and address a fundamental hydrologic property – the temporal configuration of streamflow. Multiple regional case studies are presented to show the utility of this technique in different riverine environments.

Webinar learning objectives

  • Identify the additional information available in autocorrelation lag (k) plots.
  • Recognize the advantages of a temporal-based approach.
  • Describe ecohydrology effects based on information presented.

Introduction to the GroundwaterU Video Public Library | July 13 Webinar

AWRA and AIH | Introduction to the GroundwaterU Video Public Library – a new and free educational resource.

Please join us for a special AIH webinar on  July 13, 2022 | 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET

The GroundwaterU Video Library is a free, online catalogue of high-quality educational videos for all things groundwater – from science and engineering to law and policy, in multiple languages and from around the world. An educational platform that serves to make groundwater knowledge accessible globally by way of high-quality and engaging educational videos. This presentation will describe the goals and value of the GroundwaterU education initiative, how to use the website, and how volunteers can share their own expertise with a global audience via customized videos at no cost.

Advocate the use of the GroundwaterU Video Library to help facilitate the spreading of groundwater knowledge. Give attendees the knowledge about the need for global groundwater education. Prepare attendees with the necessary directions for using the online library.
Included with your webinar registration is access to a recording of the program and a fillable certificate to self-report your Professional Development Hour (PDH)/Continuing Education Credit (CEU). Your certificate will be available to download and a link to the recording of this webinar will be sent within a week of the live program from The recording is exclusively for you, the registrant of the webinar. They are not to be shared or forwarded.

Promo codes AIH members (and non-members) should use to register for the webinar are as follows:
AIHM22 – AIH Members to pay $0.00
AIHNON22 – AIH nonmembers to pay $25.00 (used for tracking purposes only as this is the same price as AWRA nonmembers)

Register Today

About The Speaker: Andrew Cohen is a hydrogeologist located in New Jersey, USA. He received a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. His focus is hydrogeologic investigations, contaminant fate and transport, conceptual site models, and groundwater education. Prior to his current roles in the environmental consulting industry and Adjunct Professor of Contaminant Hydrogeology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, he was a Research Associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he focused on hydrogeologic characterization and modeling of groundwater in fractured and faulted bedrock. He is now focused on the development of a free, online library of groundwater educational videos called the GroundwaterU Video Library, which he founded in January of this year.