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Governing Documents

Mission Statement

The purpose of AIH is to enhance and strengthen the standing of hydrology as a science and a profession by:

  • Establishing standards and procedures to certify individuals qualified in surface-water, groundwater and water-quality hydrology.
  • Establishing and maintaining ethical standards to protect the public from irresponsible work.
  • Providing education and training in hydrology.
  • Providing the public and government advice and guidance concerning activities related to the hydrologic profession.


During the late 1970s and early 80s, a variety of regulatory and quality assurance requirements resulted in a great demand for services of hydrologists and hydrogeologists, a demand that could not be met by the existing number of professionals. Because of the concern that unqualified individuals would be hired to satisfy this demand, the need for certification of hydrologists and hydrogeologists was expressed repeatedly by individuals, consulting firms, and some state and federal agencies. For example, in 1979, an Ad Hoc Committee of the Association of University Watershed Scientists recommended strengthening of the U.S. Civil Service entry-level requirements for hydrologists. This effort was in response to professionals within the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Bureau of Land Management who were concerned that the existing standards “did not ensure high-quality entry-level professionals in hydrology.”

Code of Ethics

Each Member of the American Institute of Hydrology is charged with knowledge of the Code of Ethics and the Rules of Professional Conduct hereinafter set forth or as such Code and Rules may be amended from time to time.

Members of the Institute acknowledge their responsibilities to society and their professions; subscribe to this Code of Ethics to guide them in their practices as professional hydrologists; and shall…

  • Hold above all the public trust and reputation of their professions, perform services only in the areas of their competence, and strive to enhance their qualifications through continuing education and professional development.
  • Issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner, and endeavor to extend public knowledge and to prevent misunderstandings of the achievements of hydrological sciences.
  • Act in professional matters for each client or employer as faithful agents or trustees, and avoid conflict of interest.
  • Build their professional reputations on the merit of their services, and not compete unfairly with others.
  • Not only conduct their practices in accordance with this Code and the Rules but also bring to the attention of the Institute unethical practices of any other Member.

Leadership and Management

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Julé Rizzardo


Salam Murtada

President Elect

Jolyne Lea

Secretary-Membership Liaison
James Connors

James Connors


Jamil Ibrahim

Past President
John Ramirez-Avila

John J. Ramirez-Avila

Director of Academic Affairs
Jonathan Quebbeman

Jonathan Quebbeman

Direct of Communications

John R. Gray

Director of International Affairs

Luciana Kindl da Cunha

Director of Institute Development
George McMahon - George2-1024px

George McMahon

Director of Policy & Advocacy

Nick Textor

Board of Registration Chairman

Dr. Emitt C. Witt, III
Emergency Operations Coordinator
National Geospatial Technical Operations Center
Rolla, Missouri 65401

Dr. Miguel A. Medina, Jr.
Duke University
Durham, NC

Dr. Patrick P. Leahy
AGI Executive Director
Alexandria, VA

Dr. Vijay P. Singh
Professor Texas A & M University
College Station, TX

Dr. Stephan J. Nix
Texas A&M University, Kingsville


2019-2020 John L. Nieber
2017-2018 Rao Govindaraju
2015-2016 Mustafa Aral
2012-2014 Stephen J. Nix
2011-2012 Emitt C. Witt III
2009-2010 Miguel A. Medina, Jr.
2007-2008 Antonius Laenen
2005-2006 Miguel A. Marino
2003-2004 P. Patrick Leahy
2001-2002 Vijay. J. Singh
1998-2000 G. E. Seaburn
1995-1998 C. T. Haan
1992-1994 L. D. James
1989-1991 J. E. Moore
1981-1988 Sandor Csallany

Past President

2019-2020 Rao Govindaraju
2017-2018 Mustafa Aral
2015-2016 Stephen J. Nix
2012-2014 Emitt C. Witt III
2011-2012 Miguel A. Medina, Jr.
2009-2010 Antonius Laenen
2007-2008 Miguel A. Marino
2005-2006 P. Patrick Leahy
2003-2004 Vijay. J. Singh
2001-2002 G. E. Seaburn

President Elect

2019-2020 Jamil S. Ibrahim
2017-2018 John L. Nieber
2015-2016 Rao Govindaraju
2012-2014 Mustafa Aral
2010-2012 Stephen J. Nix
2009-2010 Emitt C. Witt III
2007-2008 Miguel A. Medina, Jr.
2005-2006 Antonius Laenen
2003-2004 Miguel. A. Marino
2000-2002 P. Patrick Leahy

Vice President for Academic Affairs

2017-2019 Faisal Hossain
2008-2016 John L. Nieber
2005-2007 Stephen J. Nix
2003-2004 H. D. Cheng
2001-2002 Michael E. Campana
1998-2000 Ken W. Potter
1995-1998 J. A. Westphal
1992-1994 R. L. Beschla
1989-1991 J. M. Sharp, Jr.
1981-1988 L. D. James

Vice President for Institute Development

2019-2020 Julé Rizzardo
2016-2018 Jamil S. Ibrahim
2012-2015 J.A. Balay
2009-2012 Jim Cruise
2007-2008 A. Gookin
2005-2006 C.W Fetter
2003-2004 J. D. Powell
2001-2002 J. J. Dlugosz
1998-2000 Miguel A. Medina, Jr.
1994-1998 G. E. Seaburn
1990-1993 J. W. Mercer
1989-1990 Richard H. Hawkins
1983-1988 J. E. Moore

Vice President for International Affairs

1998-2002……R. Kanivetsky
2003-2004……R. Bravo
2005-2006……M. M. Aral
2007-2008……N. Kresic
2009-2011……M. M. Aral
2011-2012 …..R.A. Kanivetsky
2012-2015……Ed Baquerizo
2017-2020…Z. Sheng

Vice President for Communication

2011-2012…… D.J. StGermain
2013-2015…….K. Hollman
2016-2019…R. Ranade

General Secretary

1981-1994……A. Zaporozec
1994-2000……J. H. Leete
2001-2002……B. L. Cutright
2003-2004……M. E. Jennings
2005-2008……E. C. Witt
2009-2012……M. Sharfaei
2012-2016……T. P. Suro
2017-2018……M. Horstman
2018-Present……J. Lea


1983-1984……L. L. Cross, Jr.
1985-1988……B. M. Harley
1989-1991……T. C. Varney
1992-1994……M. E. Jennings
1995-2000……R. A. Cassidy
2001-2002……J. P. Wilson
2003-2008……R. M. Hordon
2009-2015……A. Gookin
2016-2019..G. Bevenger

Board of Registration Chairman

1982-1984……R. C. Heath
1984-1986……V. H. Scott
1986-1988……P. E. LaMoreaux
1989-1991……J. S. Rosenshein
1992-1995……J. M. Sharp, Jr.
1994 (Acting)..D. T. Pederson
1995-1998……K. N. Brooks
1998-2000……R. Kanivetsky
2001-2002……K. N. Brooks
2003-2004……A. Laenen
2005-2008……R. Bravo
2009-2019…D. T. Williams

Board of Registration Secretary

1981-1991……R. Kanivetsky
1992-1995……K. N. Brooks
1995-2000……A. Laenen
2001-2008……G. D. Glysson
2009-Present…G. Textor

"The purpose of AIH is to enhance and strengthen the standing of hydrology as a science and profession..."