Dr. Cunha is a vice president overseeing WEST Consultant’s Folsom office and has over 20 years of international experience in hydrology and water resources engineering. She started her career in Brazil engineering an integrated system for hydrological forecasting and multiple-use reservoir operation optimization. Her NASA supported PhD was followed by a postdoctoral at Princeton University, where she further developed multiple skills. At WEST, Dr. Cunha leads an amazing team on the development of a large range of projects, including reservoirs operations optimization, development of soil moisture-based tools to improve floods and droughts forecasts, Drought Contingency Plans and Water Control Manuals updates, climate change analysis, estimation of flood and precipitation frequencies, development of statewide criteria for flood design (PMP, PMF, rainfall frequencies, spatial and temporal patterns). On her free time, Dr. Cunha exercises by running after her two toddlers.