With the AIH Board of Directors approval in 2022, the AIH Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) Committee launched a new initiative: The DEI Scholarship Fund. Since the beginning of its work, the DEI Committee has developed several initiatives to further its goal of extending educational and professional opportunities to those not commonly represented in hydrology-related fields. These initiatives include:

  • An International Mentorship Program
  • Minority Serving Institutions Outreach
  • An AIH Speakers Bureau
  • A Hydrology Job and Career Portal

The DEI committee invites your participation in committee activities including development of the Scholarship Fund and the other DEI initiatives. Revenue for the Fund will come from voluntary AIH membership contributions, proceeds from the AIH Career Center, and corporate sponsors. The goal of the DEI Committee is to start awarding funds in 2026.

To join the AIH DEI Committee, or for additional information on the Scholarship Fund and other DEI Committee initiatives, contact Committee Co-Chairs Matt Naftaly at mnaftaly@Dudek.com or 805.308.8529 or John Ramirez at jramirez@cee.msstate.edu or 662.325.9885.

The DEI Scholarship Fund makes funding available to selected individuals for hydrology-related training or education. Donations are not tax-deductible.