What is the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH)?

The American Institute of Hydrology (AIH), founded in 1981, is a non-profit scientific and educational organization that certifies the competence and ethical conduct of professionals in the field of hydrology. AIH's goal is to promote hydrology as a science and  profession and to help protect public interest from non-professional practices.

Take a moment to review the AIH Member Guide and our Fact Sheet to learn more about the American Institute of Hydrology.

Professionals interested in being certified as hydrologists are evaluated by the AIH Board of Registration, which consists of nationally recognized and respected scientists and professionals. Candidates are evaluated for their education and experience, and are required to take one or more written examinations to demonstrate their competency. AIH encourages and facilitates continuing education of professionals certified by it.

In addition to certifying professionals in the field of hydrology, AIH also strives to improve the professional skills and abilities of its members, the professional community, and the public at large. It does so by disseminating hydrology-related information and connecting members through the AIH Bulletin, the AIH website, and various social media platforms.  Learn more...

Who Should Apply for Certification?

If you are currently practicing in a hydrology-related field and engaged in academics or applied aspects of hydrology, you should consider applying for certification. Once you meet the minimum requirements and are prepared to take the certification examination, you can choose to apply for one of AIH's three specialty areas:
*Surface Water
*Water Quality
If you are a technician in the field of hydrology, Hydrologic Technical certification is also available. Currently enrolled students can apply for Student Membership of AIH. 

Benefits of Certification

Certification by AIH provides a means by which the public, employers, and clients can recognize those hydrologic professionals who are judged by their peers to possess the proper and necessary qualifications to practice their profession with integrity.
Benefits of being certified by AIH include:
*Peer recognition of professional competence in hydrology
*Career resources
*A nationwide network of hydrologists
*AIH Bulletin
*Access to continuing education resources