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American Institute of Hydrology (AIH)

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AIH NorCal Water New Year’s Eve Celebration!

Dates: September 30, 2021
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm PT

Please plan to join members of AIH’s leadership team at Drake’s The Barn in West Sacramento as we celebrate the upcoming Water New Year! Request all interested in joining for this in-person event to register so that we may plan accordingly.

What are we celebrating? A Water Year (also called hydrological year) is a term commonly used in hydrology to describe a time period of 12 months for which precipitation totals are measured. In California (and, generally, in the Northern Hemisphere) Water Year 2021 started on October 1, 2020 and ends on September 30, 2021.

Who We Are

The American Institute of Hydrology (AIH) was founded in 1981 as a non-profit scientific and educational organization dedicated to the certification and registration of professionals in all fields of hydrology. AIH is the only nationwide organization that offers certification to qualified hydrologic professionals.

The purpose of AIH is to enhance and strengthen the standing of hydrology as a science and profession by:

  • Establishing standards and procedures to certify individuals qualified to practice hydrology
  • Establishing and maintaining ethical standards to protect the public from irresponsible work
  • Providing education, public advice, and training in hydrology

The benefits of being a member of AIH include:

  • Peer and employer recognition of professional competence in hydrology for career advancement
  • Certification to perform duties specified by certain agencies
  • Association to a nationwide network of hydrologists
  • Access to and opportunities for contributing to AIH Bulletin
  • Access to career development and continuing education resources
  • Eligibility for annual awards


Unlike certification examinations for other organizations, AIH examinations focus solely on knowledge and understanding of hydrology.

Benefits of Certification

Certification by AIH provides a means by which the public, employers, and clients can recognize those hydrologic professionals who are judged by their peers to possess the proper and necessary qualifications to practice their profession with integrity.

Benefits of being certified by AIH include:

  • Peer recognition of professional competence in hydrology
  • Career resources
  • A nationwide network of hydrologists
  • AIH Bulletin
  • Access to continuing education resources

President's Message

“Your AIH leadership team and member volunteers are working hard on exciting initiatives for AIH. Thank you to all who have stepped forward to take on roles to help advance the mission of AIH. We rely on our members’ participation, and we are eager to engage more members in AIH activities.”

Jamil S. Ibrahim PH, PMP, ENV SP
AIH President, 2021-2022