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AIH Executive Committee Elections!

Please cast your vote online by September 24, 2021.

AIH is pleased to present the ballot to fill the Vice President for Policy and Advocacy and Secretary-Membership Liaison positions on the AIH Executive Committee. Please check your email for a link to cast your vote by September 24, 2021!

AIH appreciates your participation in this important process. If you have any questions, please contact the AIH Executive Office at (916) 231-2149 or

Call for Volunteers - Board of Examinations and Board of Registration

AIH is seeking volunteers in AIH’s four specialty certification areas (groundwater, hydrologic technician, surface water, or water quality) for positions on the Board of Registration (BOR) and the Board of Examinations (BOE). Volunteer positions on the BOR or BOE are not elected positions. Certified members are selected by the Executive Committee to join the BOR and BOE. Members on either the BOR or BOE are requested to serve terms of no less than three years.

Members of the Board of Examinations, under the leadership of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, support updates to AIH certification examinations, along with study guides and reference materials for certification examinations.

Members of the Board of Registration, under the leadership of the Chairman, evaluate membership and examination application packages for AIH.

If you are interested in volunteering for the BOR or BOE please email In the subject line indicate: “AIH Volunteer Position – (BOR or BOE)”. In your submission, please include a statement of interest (maximum 150 words), contact info, your specialty area, and a professional biography (maximum 150 words).