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AIH Webinar – A Novel Approach To Quantify Streamflow Properties – Richard Koehler, PhD, PH

Presented is a novel approach using autocorrelation lag (k) plots and sequence summations to quantify the streamflow properties of magnitude, frequency, duration, timing and rate of change. The resulting products are a combination of visualizations and tables providing streamflow information across all flow levels and address a fundamental hydrologic property – the temporal configuration of […]

AWRA and AIH | Introduction to the GroundwaterU Video Public Library – a new and free educational resource.

DESCRIPTION The GroundwaterU Video Library is a free, online catalogue of high-quality educational videos for all things groundwater - from science and engineering to law and policy, in multiple languages and from around the world. An educational platform that serves to make groundwater knowledge accessible globally by way of high-quality and engaging educational videos. This […]

AIH Webinar – Sensitivity of the NRCS Curve Number to Calibration Methods

Please join us for this special AIH webinar titled "Sensitivity of the NRCS Curve Number to Calibration Methods", on February 23, 2023 from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST presented by Glenn Moglen REGISTER TODAY! Webinar Description: This presentation summarizes some recent work by several members of the ASCE-EWRI Curve Number Hydrology task committee. We examined several different elements that contribute to calibration of a curve number from rainfall-runoff observations. These elements include calibration method, different initial abstraction ratios, […]