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2023 Webinars: the latest and greatest

In 2023, AIH continues to serve its members with free webinars. Hot topics include the state of science research, operational hydrology, the history of hydrology and AIH, and trends in the field. This year, Glenn Moglen presented the Sensitivity of the NRCS Curve Number to Calibration Methods, Luciana Cunha discussed the Next Generation Water Resources Modeling Framework being developed by NOAA, and Roman Kanivetsky told us stories about founding AIH and exposed AIH members to an in-depth and enlightening discussion on Water Sustainability. We have much more to come. In June, Jenny Seifert will discuss the need to invest in People to Achieve Clean Water Goals. In July, we will start a series on flood forecasting, monitoring, and mitigation.

AIH is happy to offer those in good standing the opportunity to sponsor AIH webinars. For more information, please contact Luciana Cunha at