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AIH NorCal Water New Year’s Eve Celebration!

Drake’s The Barn 985 Riverfront St, West Sacramento, United States

Please plan to join members of AIH’s leadership team at Drake’s The Barn in West Sacramento as we celebrate the upcoming Water New Year! Request all interested in joining for this in-person event to register so that we may plan accordingly. RSVP Today! What are we celebrating? A Water Year (also called hydrological year) is a […]

AIH Webinar – Flow-Frequency Analysis of Regulated Streams – George F. McMahon, Ph.D., PE, D.WRE, PH, ENV SP Arcadis, Atlanta, GA

Please join us for a special AIH webinar on October 14, 2022 from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT REGISTER TODAY! Webinar Description: A sizable portion of flood risk assessment and risk-based design of hydraulic structures in the U.S. involves estimation of annual exceedance probability (AEP) of peak flows on streams regulated to some extent […]

3rd IAHR Young Professionals Congress

Presentations & Mentoring Present your work, get mentoring and network with other young professionals and experts in your field around the world! Register to Attend for Free!   Programme Overview Sponsors Previous Editions   The IAHR Young Professionals Congresses give young professionals, researchers and students the opportunity to present their work and access mentoring from […]


AIH Webinar – Sensitivity of the NRCS Curve Number to Calibration Methods

Please join us for this special AIH webinar titled "Sensitivity of the NRCS Curve Number to Calibration Methods", on February 23, 2023 from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST presented by Glenn Moglen REGISTER TODAY! Webinar Description: This presentation summarizes some recent work by several members of the ASCE-EWRI Curve Number Hydrology task committee. We examined several different elements that contribute to calibration of a curve number from rainfall-runoff observations. These elements include calibration method, different initial abstraction ratios, […]


Fresh Approach for Climate-informed Design Rainfall/Floods in Large River Basins

Join this webinar, presented by Daniel Wright, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering | University of Wisconsin-Madison, to hear about the Space-Time Nonstationary Rainfall Model for Large Area Basins (StormLab). Registration is free for AIH members (apply the promotion code provided to you via email). Registration is $35.00 for non-members. Interested in the AIH join/certification […]

AIH Webinar: Stochastic Storm Transposition using HEC-HMS

Join AIH for this exciting follow up to our last webinar in October 2023! This month's program by presented by Greg Karlovits, Acting Chief of the Hydrology and Statistics Division at the USACE Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) since October 2022.  He is the Senior Technical Specialist for Statistical Analysis at HEC, leading USACE in technology […]

Fundamentals Examination: Hydrologist-in-Training

For more information, contact AIH Membership & Certification Database Manager, Ginger Tinsley at or call 540-500-1933. The Hydrologist-in-Training (HIT) membership is for new college graduates who have passed the Fundamentals Examination. HIT members remain in status until they have met the required minimum years experience and have successfully passed the Principles and Practice Examination. […]

Fundamentals Examination: Hydrologic Technician

For more information, contact AIH Membership & Certification Database Manager, Ginger Tinsley at or call 540-500-1933. The Hydrologic Technician (HT) has an emphasis on hands-on knowledge and field experience. The certification is conferred by AIH on professionals who demonstrate, through an application submitted to AIH, that they meet the minimum education, personal integrity, and […]

AIH Webinar: Process-Based Quantification of the Role of Wildfire in Shaping Flood Frequency

Join AIH for this month's webinar presented by Dr. Guo Yu, assistant research professor at Desert Research Institute and a licensed professional engineer in the state of Nevada. Webinar Summary: Moderate to high severity wildfire can abruptly alter watershed properties and enhance extreme hydrologic responses such as debris flows and floods. The compounding effects of […]