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Fall 2021 CUAHSI Cyberseminar Series

Perspectives on Urban Flood Resilience: How Different Fields Tackle One of the World’s Most Prevalent Disasters Flooding is a “wicked problem” that is complex and difficult to solve. Incomplete knowledge coupled with the large number of people and systems that are impacted add additional complexity to this challenge. Urban flooding is of particular concern as […]

World Rivers Day

World Rivers Day takes place on the fourth Sunday of September. While it is important to take that day and celebrate local rivers, it is also important to work for their protection throughout the year. Waterkeeper Alliance: Get involved with your local waterkeeper organization, or streamkeeper group, to protect your stream or river ( If none are in […]

Imagine a Day Without Water

No water to drink, or wash your hands with. No water to shower, flush the toilet, or do laundry. Hospitals would close without water. Firefighters couldn't put out fires and farmers couldn't water their crops. Disease would spread. This year, we want to help you learn more about where your water comes from and where […]

World Water Day

Groundwater is invisible, but its impact is visible everywhere. Out of sight, under our feet, groundwater is a hidden treasure that enriches our lives. Almost all of the liquid freshwater in the world is groundwater. As climate change gets worse, groundwater will become more and more critical. We need to work together to sustainably manage […]

Introduction to the National Science Foundation’s Hydrologic Sciences Program: A Virtual Town Hall Meeting

The U.S. National Science Foundation’s Hydrologic Sciences Program supports fundamental research about water on and beneath the Earth’s surface, as well as relationships of water with material and living components of the environment. This virtual Town Hall meeting will introduce the Program’s scope, highlighting recent updates to the solicitation. Program Directors will discuss new research […]

Fresh Approach for Climate-informed Design Rainfall/Floods in Large River Basins

Join this webinar, presented by Daniel Wright, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering | University of Wisconsin-Madison, to hear about the Space-Time Nonstationary Rainfall Model for Large Area Basins (StormLab). Registration is free for AIH members (apply the promotion code provided to you via email). Registration is $35.00 for non-members. Interested in the AIH join/certification […]