Chance Fulk is a native of western North Carolina and spent the other half of his childhood in Macon, Georgia before graduating from Georgia Southern University’s Geology program with a B.A. in Geology/Geography.  As an Eagle Scout his drive drove him out west of the Mississippi River right after graduating in 1997.  Chance began working for the U.S. Geological Survey in Tulsa, OK in 1998 as a Hydrologic Technician before moving onto the Atlanta, GA U.S.G.S Science Center.  In 2000, Chance moved to Flagstaff, AZ where he worked on the Colorado River in and around the Grand Canyon.  During this period he worked on stream gaging but supported many special investigations dealing with Water Chemistry and Sediment Sampling. Chance assisted the U.S.G.S with their two week field techniques course in Lakewood, CO for 2 years.  In 2008, Chance decided to experience another side of having the Hydro Tech skills by working with the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office in Riverton where he was Hydrographer-Commissioner regulating the Wind and Bighorn Rivers.  Chance had the “chance” to learn water rights and regulation.  He also worked alongside the NRCS performing snow surveys along Wyoming’s Continental Divide.   In 2010, Chance moved to California to work with Pacific Gas and Electric as a Hydrographer and mainly works in the McCloud, Pit, and Fall River watersheds in Northern California and lives in Mount Shasta, CA.  Chance is a fan of hiking, backpacking, volunteering, and exploring the forest.  Chance holds a Hydrologic Technician III with AIH and is happy to serve.