President's Message

Dear AIH members and our guests to our website:


I am honored to have been afforded the privilege of serving as the President of AIH for the two-year term of January 2017 to December 2018. As the organization that provides certification to individuals engaged in the science and practice of hydrology, we have an important role to play in laying a course for the future of this discipline. I join a team of enthusiastic and capable individuals on the executive committee of AIH, and we are all eager to enhance the role of AIH in society.

I also come with a sense of excitement for our organization. In order to serve AIH better and move it forward, the executive committee is undertaking an important change and is planning on partnering with a professional management organization. We have spent the better part of last year assessing our current mode of operations, and laying the groundwork for this transition. With approximately 450 members in the organization, this transition will allow us to not only manage our society more efficiently, but will also be instrumental in offering more value to our current members and help in the growth of the organization.

We plan to use this transformation as an opportunity to take a serious stock of where we are at this time, and how we would like to grow as an organization. In this regard, we plan to devote some time to strategic thinking, and invest in some avenues to benefit the AIH membership. For instance, we plan to use social media platforms to reach more members effectively. We also intend to streamline the nomination process for various awards that AIH has established over the years. Our goal is to make this new process more efficient while remaining fair and identify appropriate venues to recognize winners.

Of course, we cannot accomplish these in isolation and will be seeking your input in the coming months on various aspects of this organization. For the continued health of this organization, your active participation is essential. Please be on the lookout for calls for articles in our newsletters, be prepared to submit nominations, volunteer for serving on ad-hoc committees, and be willing to run for elections.

Please contact me or any members of the executive committee with suggestions. I look forward to engaging with all of you in serving our organization.

Dr. Govindaraju S. Rao
Bowen Engineering Head &
C. B. and S. S. Burke Professor of Civil Eng. 
550 Stadium Mall Drive
Purdue University 
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051.
Ph: 765-494-2256; Fax: 765-494-0395
Email: [email protected]