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Only Thesis and Project classes are held in Hydrology through the summer.

If you have any questions, contact Prof. Roy Haggerty.

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President - James D. Ruff

Secretary/Treasurer - Jolyne Lea

Past President (1989-92) - Richard C. Cassidy

Past President (1992-98) - Antonius Laenen

Past President (1998-2002) - Jon P. Lea

Year 1999-2000 Activity Report

Submitted by A. Laenen October 12, 2000

The Oregon section has continued to be active organizing student activities in several universities in Oregon and developing education programs with local schools and agencies. Since 1984, the section has also provided the region with a forum to have meetings where local water-related issues and programs can be discussed. This activity report is submitted for inclusion in the Annual AIH Executive Meeting Report to encourage membership to become more active at the grass-roots level. Our importance as an institute and our continued existence is dependent on education of good hydrologic principles and ethics.

Student Chapters

There are two active AIH student chapters in Oregon - at Oregon State (OSU) and Portland State (PSU) Universities. They both have web sites that identify hydrology curriculum and chapter activities. There are many participants but not all are AIH student members. Student membership is projected to increase this coming year. We are also encouraging Faculty to become AIH members. Faculty and AIH membership have developed a Hydrology Certificate program at PSU that parallels AIH certification education requirements. The intent of the program is to have those participating students (currently about 10) that desire further AIH participation, take the Part I test when they complete their program. At OSU the AIH Chapter is also affiliated with AWRA. Both PSU and OSU chapters have sponsored field trips and seminars. There have been two field trips attended by both chapters and also attended by students from other colleges. The PSU chapter frequently attends brown-bag seminars sponsored by the USGS in Portland. I am the AIH advisor at PSU and George Ice is the advisor at OSU. I will give a seminar lecture at PSU on Oct. 27.

Hydrophiles (OSU student chapter site)

PSU Certificate program in Hydrology

PSU student chapter web site

Public Education

Locally we have been working with two public organizations to develop water-related information displays. In Vancouver WA, we have collaborated with the Water-Resources Education Center (WREC), a facility operated by the City of Vancouver at their sewage treatment campus. At this location, we have a physical display showing a map of the Columbia River, photographs of how water measurements and samples are made, and a computer that has an on-site, inter-connected Internet program called "Pulse of the Columbia River". This program can also be activated from the AIH web site. The program can always use additional information and links, so anyone is welcome to provide me with input. After a year, the program still has several pages under construction (no information), especially in the area of river biology. In Portland OR, we are advising the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) regarding an outside display to be placed on a promenade along the Willamette River. The display will be called "River Walk", and will consist of historic overview/river development, river biology/quality, flooding/stage/tides, and shipping/navigation. I am the advisor for both the WREC and OMSI programs.

Regional Conferences

We have organized eight regional conferences (and one national conference) since 1984. These have been through our singular effort and with joint efforts primarily with the Oregon Water Resources Research Institute. We have consistently drawn 200-250 participants and had a record participation of over 360 at one of our conferences (October 1993). In 1996 we published a conference proceedings and have distributed about 600 copies. In 2000 we opted to work with AWRA at the National AWRA meeting in Seattle, where we organized one of the conference sessions. Our two-day conference in April 2001 discussed regional issues and programs in the Willamette River. For this conference, the local chapter of AWRA helped us by organizing a session. The conference was held at the Water Resources Education Center (WREC) in Vancouver WA, which has a large meeting room that can hold 200 people and has adjoining kitchen facilities. The facility is free for our use. Jon Lea and Jim Ruff were the lead AIH organizers for this conference.

The following is a list by year of our Oregon Conferences:

  • January 1989 - The 1988 Drought, Jansen Beach, Portland, OR
  • January 1990 - Water Quality Issues in Hydrology, Jansen Beach, Portland, OR
  • January 1991 - Cumulative Impacts in Hydrology, Green Briar, Beaverton, OR
  • October 1992 - Interdiscipinary Approaches in Hydrology and Hydrogeology, (National)Portland, OR
  • October 1993 - Assessing Watershed Conditions: A Holistic Approach, (with OWRRI) Corvallis, OR
  • October 1995 - Stresses Placed on Water Resources and Aquatic Biota, Ashland, OR
  • October 1996 - The Flood of '96: Causes, Effects, and Consequences, (with OWRRI and AWRA) Portland, OR
  • March 1999 - Basins Workshop (EPA Model - Point and non-point sources) Vancouver, WA
  • April 2001 - Willamette River Watershed Conference, (with AWRA) Vancouver, WA
  • October 2002 - Hydrologic Extremes: Challenges for Science and Management, (National) Portland, OR