AIH is a certification-based organization. You will apply and following your membership approval will then take an exam. Upon receiving a passing grade you will receive one of two professional designations; Professional Hydrologist (Certified) or Hydrologic Technician (Certified). There is an annual fee to maintain your certification. To ensure and maintain the highest standards with our certification, we also require our members to go through a recertification process every five (5) years.

Get Certified

Interested individuals are required to provide supporting documentation via an application submitted to AIH. They must supply proof that they’ve met the minimum educational requirements, years of experience, and have passed the appropriate examination(s) administered by AIH.

Maintain Certification

To maintain your certification status, you will need an active membership to AIH, renewed annually.


Members are responsible for keeping records of the number of PDH/PDC they earn along with associated documentation that can be validated by AIH. Documentation is due by December 31 of every five (5) years computed from the anniversary year of the individual member in order to remain in compliance with certification. Documentation is submitted on your recertification application in Certemy. A minimum of 60 PDH/PDCs is required over 5 years to be eligible for recertification (ref – form, links and bylaws). A recommended template for a log of records for submission to AIH is shown followed by a table on conversion factors for PDH/PDC. While the list is in no way exhaustive, AIH deems the engagement by professional hydrologists in one or some of the following activities as continuing education to acquire the necessary PDH/PDCs each year.