Gregory S. Bevenger, P.H.

Greg Bevenger is a professional hydrologist, registered with the American Institute of Hydrology (98-H-1488). He is a USDA Forest Service retiree, where he was serving as Regional Hydrologist for the Intermountain Region (2011-2014) at the time of his retirement. Prior to that position he was Forest Hydrologist on the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming (1988-2011), Forest Hydrologist on the Daniel Boone National Forest and Hydrologist with the Northeast Experiment Station in Kentucky (1987-1988), District Hydrologist on the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming (1979-1987), and Soil Scientist with the Soil Conservation Service in Utah (1978-1979). During his 36-year civil service career Greg worked in watershed assessment and restoration, riparian area management, burned area emergency response, water rights, water and air quality, support to other land management program areas such as livestock grazing and timber harvest, and watershed and air program management and administration. Greg also led/co-led multiple overseas watershed assessment and hydrology short course assignments (Tanzania, Kenya, Jordan, Israel, Canada).

Greg is currently the owner of WyoHydro Professional Hydrology Services LLC, specializing in rural and wildland hydrology. Consulting experience includes preparation of air, soil, and water assessments for national forests, riparian and stream health assessments and inventory for national forests, stream restoration on public and private property, and serving as hydrologist on the National Riparian Service Team training cadre conducting Proper Functioning Condition for Professionals and Grazing Management for Riparian-Wetland Areas short courses. Greg is currently the Treasurer for the American Institute of Hydrology, actively engaged in ensuring proper accounting and expenditure of Institute funds. He also serves as Chairman of the Park County, Wyoming library board. He formerly served on the Meeteetse Local Planning Area Advisory Committee (2014-2017) and served as chair for the American Water Resources Association Watershed Management/Wildland Hydrology Working Group (early to mid-1980s).

Greg is the 2001 recipient of the Utah State University College of Natural Resources Professional Achievement Award and the 2006 USDA Forest Service Wagon Wheel Gap Hydrologist of the Year Award. He also received numerous Certificates of Merit during his public service career and was author/co-author of numerous publications. Greg is an avid outdoor enthusiast (hiking, backpacking, photography, big-game hunting), enjoys blogging, and values spending time with his two grandsons.