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    Suggested Exam References 

Anderson and Woessner, Applied Groundwater Modeling

Black, Watershed Hydrology

Chow, Maidment, and Mays, Applied Hydrology

Dominico and Schwartz, Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology

Driscoll, Ground Water and Wells

Dunne and Leopold, Water in Environmental Planning

Fetter, Applied Hydrogeology

Fetter, Contaminant Hydrogeology

Freeze and Cherry, Groundwater

Gifford, Renard, and Hadley, Rangeland Hydrology

Haan, Barfield, and Hayes, Design Hydrology and Sedimentology for Small Catchments

Hjelmfelt and Cassidy, Hydrology for Engineers and Planners

Linsley, Kohler, and Paulhus, Hydrology for Engineers

Shaw, Hydrology in Practice

Todd, Ground Water Hydrology

Viessman and Lewis, Introduction to Hydrology

Wetzel, Limnology

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