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AIH recognizes that students are the future of the hydrologic sciences. A Student Member is a person who is pursuing a degree in a field related to hydrology. Endorsement by a faculty member of the institution that will grant the degree is required attesting to student status and that the student's degree plan includes hydrologic subjects. The following link is to an updated list of course titles that may be used by prospective hydrology students (include link to PDF). Student membership is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Joining AIH as a Student Member is easy. Simply fill out the application and mail it and your faculty letter to AIH.


Student chapters



University of Minnesota Water Resources Science graduate program


Oregon State University Student Chapter
Oregon State University Hydrology Academic Site
Portland State University Student Chapter
Portland State University Hydrology Certificate Program

Role of AIH Student Chapters in Examination, Certification, and Recruitment

AIH certifies people qualified to provide professional services in hydrology or hydrogeology. A person earns certification with 1) a college degree with a major in hydrology, hydrogeology, or related science building from a calculus foundation, 2) at least five years of professional experience, 3) documentation of performance and reporting of substantive work, and 4) passing an examination. Part I of the examination deals with fundamental principles, and Part II addresses applications in solving practical problems. A person becomes a hydrologist-in-training upon passing the first part of the examination, and is fully certified after passing the second part.

In its first decade, the Institute certified hydrologists, hydrologist - ground water and hydrogeologists. In response to a growing need for expertise in preserving a high quality environment, we are now certifying hydrologists - water quality. In the past, most of the certification went to relatively senior people. We would like to recruit more people earlier in their professional careers. One way is to have student chapters that convey the importance of uniting hydrologists as a profession to younger people. We want to see effective student chapters and to encourage the state sections of AIH to support the students.

Goals for Student Chapters:

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